Day 10

Lets hope for another good morning!  I am looking forward to today’s ultrasound and echocardiogram and hoping that we see some resolution today!  Back at home, the circus has come to town.  The kids’ preschool has a parade this morning where they dress up like circus characters, and I hate to miss stuff like this!  Life goes on, as I have been trying to mastermind some of the details of logistics at home, but realizing I have to let go a little bit.  Our family and Tyler have stepped it up to an amazing level carrying out the day to day, and the kids have hardly skipped a beat.  I have had visits from each of them two times and they are just the sweetest and most energetic little bundles.  It kills me to be away this long!

During the morning’s ultrasound, the baby’s heart began to convert.  the first reading was still high; in the 180s, but the second and third were in the normal range 140 and 144.  I wanted to be excited as I shared the news to my husband who was on the way to the hospital after dropping the kids at school, but we also both knew that we were not out of the woods yet.  Word spread among our families, and everyone was so excited, but we had to tame celebratory sentiment with the truth that we had some persistent complications that needed to improve almost immediately with this change of heart rate to ensure that things would be okay.  Even a total recovery, was still a big risk as I would continue to take heavy cardiac medications throughout the rest of the pregnancy and the baby would be a pediatric cardiac patient and at possible risk for an early term delivery.  On the bright side, there was a good chance that all would be cleared up, but the next 24 hours would be a nail biter as we waited….and waited for confirmation that improvements had been made.


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