An update 2 weeks after we left the hospital

An update from March 16, 2015

Dear friends and family,
    We wanted to thank you guys for your support during our difficult time.  We appreciate all the meals, help, cards, phone calls/texts etc and for your patience as we pull ourselves together to take one step at a time.
  I’ve been home from the hospital for 10 days after the 12 days I was there since the start of everything, and that has helped us start to feel a little better although we know that some of the hardest times are still to come.  We continue to followup with a lot of doctors, and nothing has changed for the positive.  There are a lot of supports out there for people who find themselves in similar situations and we have connected with some of those groups that can be there for us when the time comes.  Tyler and I have faced some of the most gut-wrenching decisions we have ever had to make as we plan to lose a child, something no one ever wants to think of…ever.  We already love her so much and our hearts break that we never will have the chance to know her better, but to us Mary “Grace” is real and will always be a part of our family. 
  We sometimes feel positive enough to see a glimmer of the future when we may start our healing process.  In the meantime, we welcome you to share about your lives and continue to reach out to us. 
Thank you all so much and we love you,
Meredith & Tyler 


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