Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror

     Tonight, I returned to the hospital under my doctor’s orders.  It appears that the sadness in my heart and the physical symptoms of my body are finally beginning to mirror those of sweet Baby Grace.  The condition actually is called “mirror syndrome”, and it’s related to preeclampsia.  I still don’t know when her day will be be, but it could possibly be very close now depending which way my health goes.   My symptoms this week have been pointing towards this, and we’ve been at a doctor’s office pretty much everyday this week.  
    Returning to the hospital tonight with bags packed and a huge pregnant belly suddenly reminded my of the joyful births of my son and daughter.  I was so excited and nervous but playing it cool the first time around, such a pro the second time.  I imagined this time would be practically a piece of cake.  Life is never what you expect, right.   Mary Grace will always be our daughter, and we don’t love her one ounce less for teaching us all these hard life lessons. 


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