You are my angel, my darling, my star… my love will find you wherever you are.

I always meant to start a blog, but never quite knew where to begin.  So now I have finally started one, as I have a story to tell, and its a very sad and difficult tale unfortunately.  It started more than a  month ago, and as it has unfolded it continues to be a struggle, a nightmare, certainly not my story- definitely something that happens to a somebody of a somebody that you barely know.   I am a mom of two young children and pregnant with a little girl who has a terminal heart condition.  It is so rare, that I have yet to find any evidence of anyone who has traveled exactly this path, and unfortunately we are completely at a loss.  There is no medical avenue to turn to and no experimental trial or on-going research we could even tap into. If there was a glimmer of a hope, we would travel anywhere in the world to pursue it.  We live day by day in waiting for Baby Grace to pass.  We are surrounded by love and support of family and friends, and we already love and cherish our baby girl who has already captured our hearts and become our little hero.


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